With the help and guidance of Rosemary Caunter (Thickthorn) and lots of friendly advice from Stacie Shorten (Ameeka), we found our first Ocicat Classic queen, Lexi, in Kent, courtesy of Ron and Barbara Darby (Silversmoke). She's a stunning chocolate Aztec (Ocicat Classic) with large, expressive eyes. Lexi was one of four females in her litter, two of which were classic patterned and two spotted. We have been in an active breeding programme with her and have seen some gorgeous Classics in her litters. Her first litter, a result of a mating with an Ocicat known to carry the Classic pattern produced six kittens, born in June 2008, four Classics and two spotted kittens. A second litter born early in 2010 produced all Ocicat Classic kittens as she was mated to a very handsome tawny Classic, one of only two Classic studs in the UK at that time.Then we tried her with a blue silver stud which resulted in a lovely varied litter early in 2011, including our beautiful Pippa (see below). Lexi has played her part in ensuring progression of the Classic breed with the GCCF by gaining 4 merits and 3 ICs.
She also gained a Championship Certificate at the 2013 Ocicat Club Show. Lexi's 6th and final litter sired by Rocky were born in October 2014 and she has now been speyed and is enjoying a well-earned retirement with us.

Pedigree name: Silversmoke Pocahontas
Known as: Lexi
Sex: Female                                                
Colour: Chocolate (classic patterned)
Date of birth: 15th May 2007
Sire: Thickthorn Thunderbolt
Dam: Gr Ch Thickthorn Meadow Saffron

Our second Ocicat queen joined us just a couple of months later. She's Ameeka Alabama Fizz. She was one of a large litter of 8. Fizz is a very affectionate tawny Ocicat and has given us five lovely litters to date. She has wonderful 'wild' looking facial features and her kittens have all been stunners!  Fizz has been shown with the GCCF and is now a Champion. Fizz has also been speyed and will enjoy life with us as a pampered pet.

Pedigree name: Ch Ameeka Alabama Fizz
Known as: Fizz
Sex: Female
Colour: Tawny
Date of birth: 2nd July 2007
Sire: Gr Ch Thickthorn Blue Skipper
Dam: Ch Thickthorn Teaberry
Fizz - Our second Ocicat

When an adorable ball of silver white fluff with black spots appeared in Lexi's litter at the beginning of 2011 we were delighted that it was a girl! Pippa has a fabulous nature, is very cuddly, playful and purrs like a tractor.  Pippa has had two lovely litters with our previous black silver stud, Raffles, to date and one with Rocky in the Spring of 2014. We hope to take her out to stud late Spring/early Summer 2015.

Pedigree name:  Pardalis Navarra
Known as: Pippa
Sex: Female
Colour: Black Silver                                                  
Date of birth: 13th January 2011
Sire: Gr Ch Thickthorn CusCus
Dam: Silversmoke Pocahontas

Grace is our little superstar.  She is Fizz's daughter and a wonderful clear spotted lilac and has already (at 4 months of age) wowed the GCCF judges at the 2011 Ocicat Club Championship Show where she was declared overall Best in Show Ocicat. As she's a little shy for an Ocicat we've chosen not to breed from her and she'll remain with us as a neutered pet.

Pedigree name:  Pardalis Arizona Grace         
Known as: Grace                                                
Sex:                      Female                       
Colour: Lilac
Date of birth: 2nd June 2011
Sire: S*Marble&Silks N.Tiramisu (IMP)
Dam: Ameeka Alabama Fizz

Rocky is our huge Chocolate boy.  He came to us from Stacie Shorten of Ameeka, who also bred Fizz, as a stud but was a bit unreliable in that department so he is now neutered.  He has a fabulous personality, is ultra friendly and very cheeky. He carries cinnamon (which gives him his lovely hot chocolate colouring) and the Classic pattern.

Pedigree name: Ameeka Rockford Blaze
Known as: Rocky
Sex: Male
Colour: Chocolate
Date of birth: 19th July 2012
Sire: Ameeka Chatanooga Charlie
Dam: Ameeka Kestrel Spirit

Pedigrees of all our cats are available on request.