August 2015 -
We have a chocolate Aztec female available.  She will be ready to leave mid-September.

May 2015 - Pippa has been to visit Thickthorn Chippewa of Anizz and is expecting a litter mid-June. 

October 2014 - Lexi had five kittens in the early hours of Sunday 12th. All over 100g, so good weights. She had three Classics and two spotties. Sadly we lost one of the Classics. However, we have four thriving kittens. Three are chocolate and one of the spotties is cinnamon. Lexi was pretty exhausted but has bounced back and is loving being a mum again, purring for England! Photos will follow on our Facebook page in the next few days.

April 2014 - Pippa's litter have been a real joy to have.  All wonderfully outgoing, purry and cuddly babies and all (bar one) going to their new homes over the next few days.  They will be sorely missed!
We still need to find a home for the blue boy, Storm.  He was very much wanted but sadly a change in family circumstances meant it wasn't to be so we still need to find suitable staff for Storm. If you think you can give him the loving home he deserves please get in touch -  NEWSFLASH - Storm has found a new home with his litter brother.  One Ocicat is never enough! :-)
We hope to have news of a pregnancy from either Fizz or Lexi in the next couple of months.

January 2014 - Pippa won the race and gave birth to six wonderful kittens, a rainbow litter, on 3rd January, a lovely start to the new year.  We were surprised to find she was pregnant as we didn't think there had been a successful mating, but Rocky obviously prefers not to have an audience!  Now he has the hang of it we hope to have litters from Fizz and Lexi before the year's out too. First photos are on our Facebook page with more to be added as the babies grow.

November 2013 - Still no pregnancy news as yet. We are hopeful of having our first kittens from our new stud boy, Rocky, available late Spring. Whether it'll be with Fizz, Pippa or Lexi depends on who calls first :-)  - watch this space! 

March 2013 - Pippa and Raffles have a lovely litter; a black silver boy, a tawny girl and a black silver classic girl.  All now have new homes. Photos are on our Facebook page.

January 2013 - Lexi, our chocolate Classic queen, and Raffles, our black silver stud, are pleased to announce the safe arrival of two kittens - a black silver boy and a tawny classic girl born on 5th December 2012.

August 2012 - Fizz has had a small litter of two, a black silver boy and a tawny girl.  Exact replicas of their parents :-)
The pair have been reserved to live together in a loving home. Photos are on the Facebook page.

February 2012 - Pippa has five beautiful babies, born in the afternoon of Friday 24th, another nice time of day - clever girl! She had them all over a space of about 3 hours with barely a squeak. She has a chocolate boy, a chocolate silver boy, two tawny Classic girls and a chocolate silver Classic girl.

For more photos click here

December 2011 - Lexi gave birth to four big kittens on Saturday 17th December.  She has two tawny boys, a black silver boy and a chocolate Classic girl. 
It was a pleasant change to have a daytime birth! Mum's doing a good job with this heavyweight litter who never seem to stop feeding!

June 2011 - Fizz has had her babies.  Five fluffy bundles - 3 blue boys, a tawny girl and a lilac girl.  She had a nice easy straight forward birth and as usual is a very good, loving and proud mum.

January 2011 - Lexi has had 6 lovely chubby bundles.  The first arrived at 9.30pm on Wednesday 12th January and the rest took their time then all hurried out together between 12.45 and 1.45am the following day.  We have chocolates, tawny, black silver and chocolate classic and black silver classic. Four boys and 2 girls. They were all really good weights and continue to gain well.  Mum is looking great on it and positively blooming!
The black silver girl, Pardalis Navarra (Pippa), will be staying here.

2010 LITTERS -
Fizz had her litter in the early hours of Thursday 24th June.  We have 3 girls, tawny, blue and chocolate and a tawny boy. All have now found their forever loving pet homes. 

Lexi had a litter of 4 Ocicat Classics during the evening of Thursday 7th January 2010.  A wonderful start to the new year!  There are 3 tawnies and 1 chocolate, all good chunky weights.  Mum and her little 'tigers' are doing very well, nice and cosy in a corner of our bedroom with a radiator all to themselves in addition to the heating being on all day in this awful weather we're having. As usual we'll be adding plenty of photos to a dedicated page on Picasa, just follow the link from our photo gallery page.


Fizz delivered a beautiful rainbow litter in the early hours of Friday 8th May 2009. We have 3 girls, chocolate, blue and blue silver and 2 boys, black silver and a lilac silver. At least we won't have any trouble telling them apart! They were all good weights, all around 100g at birth and gaining rapidly! Photos will be added regularly to Picasa, please follow the link from our photo gallery page.


Fizz had 4 kittens born in the evening of Wednesday 13th August 2008. All big, bonny, spotted babies. A tawny boy and a girl and a chocolate boy and girl. They've been eating us out of house and home and piling on the weight. Fizz is a terrific mum. The sire is Catiators Redhotcurry of Thickthorn, a lovely cinnamon.



Lexi has had 6 babies, born late evening on Monday 2nd June, all done in an hour! They're all Chocolate bar one Cinnamon, 4 Classic patterned (2 boys, 2 girls) and 2 spotted girls. Lexi is being a fabulous, very attentive mother and all the kittens are doing well.